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workouts for the gal on the go! Yes! I am ready to feel good!

YOUR fitness. YOUR way. That's BoHo Wellness

BoHo Wellness is all about equipping and encouraging you to get up and moving and stepping toward creating a life that has you looking and feeling good!
We go after strength and performance gains more so than chasing that forever illusive number on the scale.
We offer a variety of services to help make it super convenient for you to get moving CONSISTENTLY ('cause that's the secret sauce, my friends) 🙌 💪💥


What I love most about the Rise + Design classes is the convenience.
I can literally roll out of bed right into my workout gear and not have to brave the cold to warm up a vehicle to get to class. One less excuse to stop me from exercising...

Melissa B, Canada

I was so impressed with the Workplace Wellness session that Jenny did at my workplace. She provided practical tips and exercises to help keep us at our best. I loved her energy and the interactive portion. I would highly recommend!

Michele A, SlyFox Web Design

Despite how much I am NOT a morning person, those 7am classes give me the boost I need to face my day in a positive and productive fashion PLUS the added bonus of building muscle and getting a good sweat going. If anyone is thinking a 7am class isn't for them, I challenge you to give Rise &Design a try. You will not be disappointed.


‘Jenny is an awesome trainer who offers a custom made workout for you and your needs. I have been working out with Jenny for two years now. She is always encouraging and uplifting. You rock, Jenny!

Brenda S.