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Personalized approach to wellness. All about finding and embracing what works for you. Helping you find the confidence and strength to do so! 

Hey guys! Thanks for popping in to check me out ;) . My name is Jenny and I am a certified Personal Trainer, group fitness instructor/addict 😁 and founder of BoHo Wellness 🤸‍♀️ My approach to fitness integrates athletic-based, metabolic conditioning and strength training with active stretching, coordination and balance training. I like to top things off with a healthy dose of tenacity, fun and enthusiasm! 




Sports have always been a part of my life, happiness and health. In high school I played every sport I could squeeze in: basketball, volleyball, badminton & soccer but volleyball was where I excelled. Eventually it took me to play at the post-secondary + national levels at Humber College and the University of Western Ontario. I credit those sporty years in my life as the catalyst for why I love the heck out of group fitness SO darn much! 

Being able to inspire and motivate participants to push themselves a little harder, run a little faster, squat a bit lower and to SHOW UP even when they don’t want to, is something that brings me so much joy! 

Myself and the rest of the BoHo Wellness crew are SO grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your fitness journey and we cannot wait to cheer you on and get you sweating. Let's do this, team!